Literary Services

Publishing and Proofreading Services

Sobit Publishing Corp is a publishing house near Atlanta, Georgia, that is seeking non-fiction works in a variety of genres. All materials submitted by authors will be carefully reviewed. Our team is particularly focused on writings that have real-world meaning and impact, and is in line with our brand. We accept for consideration:

Non-Fiction | Historical| Autobiographies | Memoirs | Based On True Events

Non-Fiction Writing

Our founder, Jonathan Lemons, has written several books, including A Pimp And The Truth—the Life Story of Jon Lemons. This narrative account covers his early life experience in street culture, hustling, conning, pimping, and drugs. He has two other books in progress that serves as continuation of this series The House of Beauty and The Masquerade.


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Ensure your text can stand up to scrutiny with our comprehensive proofreading services. We handle children’s books, novels, manuscripts, instruction manuals, and more. Our proofreading services include:

Spelling | Grammar | Accuracy | Fact Checking

Cover Page Design

Our team of skilled designers will review your text and create cover page concepts that reflect it. We will turn your ideas and material into an interesting and effective cover and provide you with a special mockup for your approval. Concentrate on your ideas and see your story come to life on the cover. We offer this service to all of our clients, regardless of whether they are using our publishing or proofreading services.